General information

Conference PP-RAI'2022 - 3rd Polish Conference on Artificial Intelligence is organized by Gdynia Maritime University in cooperation with Polish Alliance for the Development of Artificial Intelligence (pol.:PP-RAI) ), Pomeranian Students' Coalition Foundation and Pomeranian Science and Technology Park.

Scientific patronage of the conference:

Goals of the conference:

  • PP-RAI aims to bring together researches and to provide a forum for the sharing, exchange, presentation and discussion of original research results in different areas of artificial intelligence.
  • Creation of a platform for discussion of important research environments and disciplines.
  • Discussion on the new forms of organization and cooperation of research teams, reference to the growth of interest in AI and pointing the strategic directions of research and applications, including interdisciplinary areas.
  • Indication of the need for changes in cooperation of the scientific community with business partners and state research institutions.

The official language for the conference is English but selected parts of the conference will be led in Polish.