Anniversary Contest

The Most Influential Article on Rough Sets

The theory of rough sets - founded by Professor Zdzisław Pawlak in 1982 - has been perceived as a source of methods which could be efficiently integrated with other approaches. For 40 years, rough sets have been applied as a component of various AI systems, in a number of practical applications. The aim of this contest is to gather significant examples of such systems and applications, whereby the theory of rough sets - or the methods inspired by the theory of rough sets - can be regarded as one of crucial aspects.


We welcome submissions referring directly to the articles published in scientific journals (including the journal sublines, such as the LNCS journal subline) in the years 2020-2021, whereby at least one of the authors has at least one of his/her affiliations in Poland. Submissions should be registered online by the authors of the corresponding articles using this link until April 10, 2022.

Each submission should contain:

  1. information about the title, the authors, the date and the place of publication of the considered article;
  2. a short summary of the impact of rough sets on the approach / methodology / application described in the article.

Submissions will be evaluated by the contest committee and the winning article will be announced at the conference during the Rough Sets Anniversary Panel Session.

Let us also add that - in parallel to the contest and the aforementioned panel session - we welcome regular PP-RAI submissions related to rough sets. As rough sets - among their other strengths - serve as the means for expressing and modeling uncertainty, we would like to draw the attention of rough set researchers particularly to the PP-RAI UAI track. The other tracks of PP-RAI can be considered as well.

The regulation of the contest is available here.